When the Writing Gets Tough, Just Keep Pedaling.

by Lynn H. Blackburn @LynnHBlackburn A few summers ago, our youngest son decided he was ready to try riding his bike without the training wheels. My husband removed the training wheels and we wrapped him in bubble wrap secured his helmet on his head and found some knee and elbow pads before letting him go on […]

7 Scary Encounters of the Writing Kind

by Alycia W. Morales     @AlyciaMorales As a freelance editor, I’ve worked with several authors – both experienced and not – and have seen most everything you could think of within the lines of those manuscripts. But my clients aren’t alone. I’ve written some books and have noticed my own shortcomings, which include things like cardboard […]

Find Writing Gems when You Mine the Hard Times in Life

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson We all want what we write to matter—to touch hearts, change lives, challenge the status quo.  To that end we search high and low for the words that connect us to our readers. But what if the gems we’re searching for aren’t hidden in distant places, but instead are buried deep […]