Scholarship Info

The Scholarship Applications are Open for 2018

It is our goal to be as helpful as possible to our conferees. 

This means extending scholarships when we can.

Scholarships are awarded on need and/or merit. Selections are made by a group of publishing professionals. Since we are dependent on the generosity of others, we are unable to anticipate the number of scholarships we can offer.

What the scholarship covers. Those receiving scholarship will have the $350 conference fee paid for. Travel, food, and room are the responsibility of the conferee.

How to apply:

1) Send an e-mail to providing your name and contact information. Your name will be added to the list of those requesting a scholarship.

2) Provide a short paragraph about you and your need for a scholarship.

3) Provide a short paragraph about your writing goals.

We will notify you if selected. Please be patient. Scholarship funds often come late in the process. We wish it were otherwise but are grateful to everyone who helps make a scholarship possible.

We fund our scholarships through contest fees and through the generous gifts of others. If you believe in the power of writing to change the world, and in the need for great writers, then you can help. Email Edie Melson, at the above address. You choose how much to give or even make recurring gifts (small amounts over time). Every gift is appreciated. All moneys received through the Scholarship Fund are used to help writers attend who would otherwise not be able to. Thank you for your support.