Get Started

By Brad Bloom, @faithfitnessmag, Publisher, Faith & Fitness Magazine   My wife still does it the old-fashioned way. Most nights she reaches into her nightstand and pulls out a spiral bound notebook to make her next journal entry. It’s nothing fancy and I think in many ways that is a good thing. She has no […]

When the Writing Gets Tough, Just Keep Pedaling.

by Lynn H. Blackburn @LynnHBlackburn A few summers ago, our youngest son decided he was ready to try riding his bike without the training wheels. My husband removed the training wheels and we wrapped him in bubble wrap secured his helmet on his head and found some knee and elbow pads before letting him go on […]

7 Scary Encounters of the Writing Kind

by Alycia W. Morales     @AlyciaMorales As a freelance editor, I’ve worked with several authors – both experienced and not – and have seen most everything you could think of within the lines of those manuscripts. But my clients aren’t alone. I’ve written some books and have noticed my own shortcomings, which include things like cardboard […]

Where Does Your Heart Lay?

By Cindy Sproles, @CindyDevoted   My momma taught me the importance of Matthew 6:21 early on. You remember the famous scripture, For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. She ground into me values – work ethic, determination, and graciousness. I’m at the threshold of my 60s and as I reassess my […]

Five Ways to Fail at Social Media if You Want to Grow an Audience

By Bethany Jett, @betjett There is a huge difference between utilizing social media for pleasure and for growing an audience. It’s especially hard if you’re using it for both. Where do we draw the line? Why can’t we speak our minds about anything we want? How do we keep our friends and our readers interested […]

Live, Love, Laugh, Snort

By Rhonda Rhea, @RhondaRhea   I convince myself I’m pretty mature. And then I see somebody run into a door while texting and it all suddenly becomes very clear. Because, let me tell you, I can laugh for a good twenty minutes. Mercilessly. Not just a little, under-the-breath chortle either. No, I’m talking about laughing […]

Choose Your Publisher with Care

By Deb Haggerty, @DebHaggerty When an author begins to look at publishers to see where their book might fit, there are several things they should take into consideration. The same steps generally apply to agents as well. Does the publisher have a good reputation in the industry? With the proliferation of small, boutique publishers popping […]