Now Accepting Faculty Proposals!

2018 Blue Ridge Conference

We are no longer accepting proposals for the 2018 conference. We will begin accepting proposals for 2019 in June of 2018.

Assemble Your Faculty Proposal

To give you a better framework for proposing classes, here’s a breakdown of the types of classes BRMCWC offers.

To start, we offer three levels of classes.

  • Act I
  • Act II
  • Act III

NOTE: These levels refer to the specific class topic, not the overall publishing experience of the attendee. 

  • Act I classes are the basics.  This level is a good choice if you’re new to a particular discipline of writing, or if you want to reinforce the foundation.
  • Act II classes cover more intermediate material. These are the majority of our classes and will build on some basic knowledge.
  • Act III classes are more advanced. These are for those who really want to take this particular discipline to the next level.
  • We also have three different types of classes offered at Blue Ridge. No matter which class is being offered, each individual class session is always an hour and fifteen minutes long.
    • Workshop
    • Continuing Class
    • Practicum

A Workshop is a stand-alone class. (One hour and fifteen minutes long) The instructor will provide all the information for this class in one single session. We do try to offer some of these workshops at multiple times so attendees can fit them into their schedule.

A Continuing Class is one that continues over several class times (each session one hour and fifteen minutes long). The instructor presents material that builds on what has been taught in previous classes. These can include anywhere from two to four individual class sessions.

A Practicum is a class where the students participate and come away with either an entire or partial project, like a query letter or proposal. A Practicum can be presented within a Workshop or Continuing Class, depending on the time needed for the project.

We’ll be accepting proposals via an ONLINE APPLICATION ONLY. Here’s the link to the application:

Link to Online Application

Additional Tips and Information

  • We’re happy to take proposals for more than one class. In most cases, that will increase the odds of being chosen – especially in regard to authors. (agents and acquiring editors are different because they need to have time to meet with attendees) It will greatly increase your chances of being chosen if you include several workshops, as well as a couple of continuing classes. We won’t ever sign you up to teach every single class time during the conference, so don’t worry about being overloaded if we do choose you.
  • If you are an acquiring editor, be sure to include that information.
  • We will accept proposals through the end of July. We’ll begin making decisions and sending invitations in August.
  • We choose faculty in stages. Since we only have so many spots open, we must first engage agents and editors. After that, we begin working through industry professionals, like writers and authors. So if a proposal isn’t chosen in the first round, it still may be chosen after we determine we have additional space.
  • Because we choose faculty in stages, we won’t be sending out emails to those we don’t choose. There are just too many of you, and we won’t know definitely that we aren’t using you at a specific time. We are fine with you contacting us through email to ask where we are in the process.