What the Publishing World Doesn’t Want Us to Know

By Leigh Ann Thomas, @LThomasWrites   The time has come for a good dose of honesty and plain talk. There’s a secret the publishing world doesn’t want us to discover. Writing is an absurd profession—a troubling and illogical way to spend our working hours. To prove my point, I composed a list of what would […]

A Writer’s Fear

by Lynn H Blackburn @LynnHBlackburn   A few years ago, I watched a live Adele concert. The lucky people who filled the venue were an enthusiastic audience. There were cheers, applause, and the occasional sing-a-long when she sang a favorite. I’m a fan so I enjoyed it immensely, but I couldn’t help but be struck by […]

10 Steps to Survive Rejection in the World of Writing

By Deborah Clack @deborah_clack   Let’s just rip the band-aid off. Last month, I received two emails within twenty-four hours from agents declining the opportunity to represent my work. We hear it all the time. Negative feedback is inevitable in this profession whether it be with contests, agents, publishing houses, or reviews. But receiving a […]

The W.R.I.T.E Prayer

By Cherrilynn Bisbano, @chingaling3   Acrostic’s are key—at least when I speak and teach. As I stand in front of the audience, Attention Deficit can creep in and take me down bunny trails. I find it difficult to get back on track without my acrostic. The ladies find it easier to remember the teaching also. Like […]

Three Essentials and a Checklist for Entering Contests

by Katy Kauffman, @KatyKauffman28   Hearing my name stunned me. It was my second BRMCWC, and I was waiting to hear whether my article and my devotion did well in the unpublished writers contest (now called the Foundation Awards). Articles was the first category of the night. Honorable Mention was the first award. I won it. […]

Life Lessons from a Writing Career

By Alycia W. Morales, @AlyciaMorales   When we consider writing a novel, we think about things like plot, characters, story, dialogue, point of view, and so much more. Have you ever stopped and considered how these play out in your own life? This past week, as I’ve been thinking about my own novel, I’ve considered […]

How to Rekindle Passion for Your Writing

By DiAnn Mills, @DiAnnMills   Writers must have passion for their writing projects or no one else will. No getting around it. But what happens when we are no longer onboard with the subject matter of our book, blog, article, poem, screenplay, or other types of writing? How do we deal with reality? Perhaps we’re […]

Make Money While Writing Your Manuscript

by Alycia W. Morales, @AlyciaMorales   As Christian writers, our main goal is to share God’s love with those who read our words. Of course, it’s nice to get paid to share those words, and writing is as much a job as teaching, building, or counseling. Contracts can be elusive, and writing a full manuscript takes […]

4 Ways to Keep Your Writing Inspiration

By Vincent B. Davis II, @vbdavisii     Writers, by nature, are adrenaline junkies. Artistic rush seekers. We might claim that it’s the coffee that keeps us coming back to the computer screen, but in reality, it’s that indescribable feeling that wells up within us when we create something of value. Unfortunately, this high isn’t […]

Before You Begin Writing, Think & Pray!

By Lucinda Secrest McDowell @LucindaSMcDowel   “Think before you speak!” is good advice. What about “Think before you write?” Not a bad idea either. And I would add to that, “Pray before you write.” I’ve seen far too much writing launched out into the world these days with nary a thought or prayer as to whether […]