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By Callie Daruk, @CallieDaruk


My heart sank recently at the news of a second large rejection. Do you remember the feeling in grade school of being picked last on the team? It was like that only worse because essentially, I’m not being picked at all. Not yet anyway. The reason for the rejection stings almost as much as the rejection itself.



I reached out to a good friend who gave me wise counsel.

“Publishers passing on a project is just the beginning. I know that doesn’t sound encouraging, but it is. This is usually a long, slow process, and the good news is, while your circle of submissions is widening, so to speak, your platform is growing, bit by bit. Just keep at it, and settle in for the winter.”

Bit by bit.

That phrase kept rolling over in my mind. Isn’t that how most things grow?

Soon after the rejection I did what any budding, motivated, and hardworking writer would do. I scoured the internet on how I can build my platform. In the days that followed I felt like I’d been run over by a semi-truckload of information. And then this thought came to me:

Callie, are you more concerned with your social media presence than you are being in mine?

The sting of this question caused me to take inventory of my heart.

How many times have I checked the progress of my social media posts today?

How many times have I checked on the progress of my heart?

Did I check Facebook this morning before putting my face in The Book?

Was I more LinkedIn with the Holy Spirit throughout the day than with my colleagues?

Did my number of tweets today exceed the number of times I thought of Christ or prayed for someone?

My responses left me exposed but they caused me to realize an important truth:

Before my social media presence will ever succeed in reaching many hearts, I must first be found frequenting and abiding in my Master’s presence.

During a trying time, God graciously reminded me what the heart of the matter is. As I commit to keeping the main thing, the main thing, like my friend said, bit by bit, my platform is growing. More importantly, I am doing exactly what God has called me to do. Putting words of love and encouragement to paper. Building sentences and paragraphs. I can rest knowing the One who wrote my story can handle my platform.

I used to sigh when platform was mentioned. I’m learning to smile and see that this is fun and enjoyable. I’m meeting incredible people. Building real relationships. Real friendships. I’m ministering to real wounded souls. What a privilege to labor together with so many of like minds. I’m learning from those with amazing talent but even bigger hearts.

As we grow in Christ, bit by bit, He unveils our stories, bit by bit. And when the time is right and our hearts are ready, our platforms will be firm, fixed, and exactly where they ought to be.


Callie Daruk is the Nashville Chapter President for Word Weavers, Int. and has benefited from the mentoring of the Jerry Jenkins Writer’s Guild. In addition to feature writing in the News Democrat and Leader, she writes for www.Just18Summers.com, regularly blogs on www.calliedaruk.com, and engages with her subscribers on social media. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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7 thoughts on “A Writer’s Presence

  1. You’re spot on, Callie! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking of our platform, or lack of one in my case. 🙂 One thing I’ve tried to focus on this year is doing the next right thing, and leaving the results to God (best Agent ever!). It still requires sacrifice and hard work but once we’ve done our best, we can find rest in knowing that it is in the most capable hands of all. I love your writing and I’m delighted to be a subscriber to your blog. Cheering you on from the Carolinas!

    • Cathy, thank you so much! I agree with you 100%. Trusting God doesn’t mean we can lay down and do nothing. Instead, we work hard at what He’s called us to do and trust Him to do only what He can! Your kind words bless my heart and I feel the very same way!