Give the Gift of an Investment in Your Writing Dream

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

I began attending writing conferences in the late 1990s. I was a young, stay-at-home-mom and our family budget was so tight it squeaked. But I know that our early investment in my writing career has paid off again and again.

No, we haven’t retired off all the money I’ve made (*snort*). But I do have a steady income. Beyond that, I’ve watched God work in miraculous ways through my puny offerings.

Early on, we didn’t have the money to pay for an entire conference in one lump sum. Instead I asked for small presents of cash instead of . . . well . . . small presents. Those gifts in lieu of Mother’s Day, birthday, and Christmas added up and made up the difference so I could attend conferences and learn more about my craft and calling.

In addition, spending money on my dream also provided us with a significant tax write off.

You did know that you can write off the expense of training, right? Yep, travel and conference fees are tax deductible. (I’m not a lawyer or a tax professional, so speak to your own CPA to find out the exact guidelines.)

Today we’re excited to present you with two opportunities for tax deductions:

The Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference


The Mountainside Marketing Conference

If you go ahead and register, your fees can come off this year’s income tax.

In addition, if your spouse is looking for just the right gift, send them here. We have a beautiful—printable—gift certificate suitable for wrapping.


Don’t delay, the Mountainside Marketing Conference is limited to 50 attendee and we’re getting close to being full.

The Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference isn’t full yet, but the prime hotel rooms are going fast!

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One thought on “Give the Gift of an Investment in Your Writing Dream

  1. I love writing conferences. They offer so much in the way of training and encouragement. But I haven’t ever had the funds to attend regularly. I never thought of using the little gift times to encourage others to give towards going to conferences. That’s a great idea. Thank you!