Use These Tips to Move Past Writing Rejection

by Cindy Sproles @CindyDevoted Rejection is not fun. I can’t think of a soul who lives for the next rejection, whether it be in our families, our jobs, or our writing career. These days when a child is told no, the next thing to expect is wailing . . . maybe a little kicking and screaming, and […]

How to use Manage Flitter to Build Twitter Followers

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills Two years ago, my twitter followers hovered over 4,000+. In fact, my numbers were stuck, like a helicopter on autopilot. I entered a quest of how to find followers who were readers, in the publishing world, and experts in social media, marketing, and branding. In turn, I made a commitment to […]

Article Ideas: Get More Mileage Out of Your Writing Research

by Linda Gilden @LindaGilden Has it ever occurred to you to use your article research to write different types of articles once your original article is published? For most researched articles, there is always a file of information you have to cut in order to stay within your word count. Save it and turn it […]


Faith Friday part VIII

By DiAnn Mills @diannmills Welcome to week eight of Faith Friday in our Adventure with God. The letter R stands for rest. I hear you laughing. Who rests in today’s world? While technology makes our lives easier, it also provides more ways for us to spend time. The disturbances and heartaches that rob us of […]

Master Plotting: Part IV

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills You’ve most likely heard every plot idea has already been written. Multiple times. From the ancient storytellers who gathered around the campfire, to Greek and Roman mythology, to the richness of the Celts, to the many ways story is offered today. Plotting is unique to each writer’s personality and method of […]

Social Media: The Daunting Task

By Susan Neal @SusanNealYoga Have you ever had a task on your to do list for months, but lacked the motivation to tackle the intimidating job? For me, that task was social media. Oh, I had all my social media accounts set up. However, I did not regularly post. In fact, I could find every excuse […]

Social Media Strategies for the Weary

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson I know, I’m supposed to be the cheerleader of all things social media. But let’s get real here. Some days—some weeks—it just makes me tired. Usually it happens when certain situations arise: I haven’t had any meaningful conversations in a while. My updates seem to be going into a black hole […]


Faith Friday Part VII

By DiAnn Mills @diannmills Welcome to week seven of Faith Friday in our Adventure with God. The letter U stands for understand. This word is filled with the promises of God woven in and around our relationship with Him. Too many times we fail to perceive how very important we are to our Heavenly Father. […]

Flex Your Writing Wings Before You Fly

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson A lot of newer writers I meet find themselves overwhelmed with the myriad of opportunities in the field of writing. They struggle, trying to decide between writing articles, devotions, fiction, non-fiction, etc. Writing is a big field, and if you didn’t study some aspect of it in college, the choices can […]