Agents & Editors




Ann Byle – Agent – Credo Communications

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Suspense, Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Historical
  • Nonfiction: Women’s Issues, Christian Living, Memoir, Current Events
  • Children’s: Middle Grade, Picture Books, Board Books, Theology for Children

Not looking for: Poetry, Sci/Fi, Fantasy, Academic Titles

Jonathan Clements – Agent – Wheelhouse Literary Group

Steve Laube – Founder and Agent – The Steve Laube Agency

Looking for:

  • Fiction: All genres
  • Donuts
  • Nonfiction: Most genres, Limited Memoir/Personal Story

Not looking for: Cookbooks, End Times Literature, Children’s Picture Books

Tamela Hancock Murray – Agent – The Steve Laube Agency

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Women’s Fiction, Amish Fiction, Fiction for the CBA Market
  • Nonfiction: Women’s Interest, Self-help, General

Not looking for: Speculative, Fantasy, Sci/Fi, Children’s, Children’s Picture Book, Poetry

David Van Diest – Primary Agent – The Van Diest Literary Agency

Looking for:

  • Nonfiction: Self-help, Spiritual Formation, Devotional, Bible Studies, Memoirs

Cyle Young – Agent – Hartline Literary Agency

Looking for:

  • Fiction: All Genres – Christian and General Markets (especially Romance)
  • Nonfiction: All Genres – Christian and General Markets (especially Business/Leadership, Devotional/Pastoral Resources)
  • Children’s: All – Christian and General Markets


Publishing House Editors:

Jessica Barnes – Fiction Editor – Bethany House Publishers, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Contemporary, Contemporary Women’s, Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Mystery/Suspense, Contemporary Romance, “Book Club” Fiction, Historical, Historical Romance

Not looking for:

  • Young Adult, End Times, Sci/Fi, Fantasy, Children’s, Middle Grade, Nonfiction, Poetry

Cherrilynn Bisban0 – Associate Editor at Almost an Author, an online community for aspiring writers. Acquisitions Reader for Literary Agent, Cyle Young.

Looking for:

  • Cherrilynn will be taking appointments for Almost an Author. A3 seeks new and established authors for Guest posts. Don’t be shy. Unfortunately, we cannot pay. However, this is a great way to build your platform. A3 readership is world wide. A3 desires to speak with award winning and Best Selling authors to interview for the site. We are currently looking for Spanish and or/French writers. If you have general questions, don’t hesitate to make an appointment. A3 is here for you.

Pamela Clements – Vice President and Associate Publisher – Worthy Inspired – an imprint of Worthy Publishing

Looking for:

  • Nonfiction: Prayer, Personal Growth, Lifestyle, Spiritual Growth, Humor, Felt-need/Issue-driven

Not looking for:

  • Marriage, Parenting
  • Fiction

Cheri Cowell – Owner and Publisher – EABooks Publishing

Looking for:

  • EA Books publishes everything except Children’s Board Books

Vicki Crumpton – Executive EditorRevell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Historical, Historical Romance, Biblical
  • Nonfiction: Christian Living, Prayer, Self-help, Parenting, Marriage, Humor

Mary Beth Dahl – Acquisitions Editor – Taberah Press (Fiction) and Sonfire (Nonfiction)

Looking for:

  • Taberah Press: Fiction: Speculative, Sci/Fi & Fantasy, Suspense
  • SonFire Media: Nonfiction: Christian Living, Writing and Marketing Books for Christian Authors, Books for the Common Man written by Pastors, Books by Speakers

Eva Marie Everson—Firefly Southern Fiction—Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Suspense, Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Historical, Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Romantic/Suspense … all with a bent toward the South and her people, her heritage, and her unique qualities.  “In the South, we don’t hide crazy. We parade it out to the front porch and give it some sweet tea.”

Not Looking For:

  • Nonfiction

Deb Haggerty – Owner and Publisher – Elk Lake Publishing

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Contemporary Romance, Mystery/Suspense, Historical, Children’s, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Speculative
  • Nonfiction: Christian Living, Spiritual Growth, Family Relationships (all must have an unusual twist)

Not looking for:

  • Poetry, Devotionals, Bible Studies

Tessa Emily Hall – Editor – Illuminate – an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Looking for:

  • As a Hartline Jr. Agent under Cyle Young: All Fiction and Nonfiction for General and Christian Markets: She specializes in Young Adult, New Adult, and Middle Grade Fiction
  • As acquiring editor for Illuminate (LPC): Young Adult and New Adult Fiction in all genres except fantasy/speculative/supernatural.
  • Pursue Magazine: Blog posts for the website, magazine articles, filler articles, and devotionals. Please see for writing guidelines.

Eddie Jones – Founder and CEOLighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Romance, Historical, Historical Romance, Cozy Mystery, Suspense, Young Adult, Women’s Fiction (any manuscript that will make me rich and richly change the lives of others)
  • Nonfiction: Christian Living, Devotionals

Terri Kalfas – EditorGrace Publishing

Looking for:

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction: Inspirational, Compilations, Bible Studies

Not looking for:

  • Children’s
  • Scholarly
  • Reference Material
  • Journals
  • Biography
  • Poetry

Yvonne Lehman – Editor – Candlelight Romance and Guiding Light Women’s Fiction – Imprints of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas & Moments, Yvonne’s nonfiction series

Looking for:

  • Compelling stories beautifully written (See guidelines for imprints below); written by writers exhibiting creativity and a working knowledge of craft; realistic stories designed to entertain, encourage, inspire, and enlighten; entertain readers with strong action, emotional, and faith plots, will likely dominate; themes and subjects are deep and serious, humor and suspense are welcomed
  • Candlelight Romance Fiction: Features the journey of man and woman falling in love while dealing with inner and outer conflicts; the journey shows (not tells) characters growing closer while overcoming obstacles; story culminates in their making a lifetime commitment to each other
  • Guiding Light Women’s Fiction: NOT the journey of romance but may contain a love story; stories of interest to, about, and for women; contemporary, generational, or historical; subjects to which women can relate such as fears, hopes, and dreams; endings are realistic and satisfactory

Paula Mowery – Acquisitions Editor – Prism Book Group – Imprint of Pelican Book Group

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Genres including Romance, Young Adult (Wholesome and Clean)

Katara Patton – Founder – Esteem Publishing

George & Karen Porter – Founders/Owners – Bold Vision Books

Looking for:

  • Nonfiction: Christian Living, Devotionals, Narrative
  • Fiction: Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance
  • YA Nonfiction: Relevant teen topics
  • YA Fiction: Chapter books for pre-teen and teen readers
  • How To Craft Books: Dancing (specifically dance teams in a church), Painting and other art forms, Drama, Film Making or Film Writing

Not looking for:

  • Fantasy

Erin Smith – Editor – Tyndale House Publishers

Cindy Sproles – Editor – Straight Street Books & SonRise Devotionals, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Straight Street Books:

Looking for:

  • Solid Nonfiction in Christian Living
  • Manuscripts that teach on subjects relevant to today’s world

Not looking for:

  • Memoirs

SonRise Devotionals

Looking for:

  • Devotions that move away from niche books but that offer an application to everyone who reads them
  • Get back to the depth of Scripture with great applications and strong takeaways
  • Prefer 60-90 day devotionals

Magazine & Web Content Editors:

Brad Bloom – President/Editor – Lifestyle Media Group

Faith & Fitness magazine

Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle magazine

map Travel Lifestyle magazine

Looking for:

  • 400-600 word articles in the faith and fitness genre
  • Department Editors for my Faith & Fitness Magazine DEPARTMENTS
  • Executive Editor for Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine
  • Executive Editor for map Travel Lifestyle Magazine
  • Executive Editor for Faith & Fitness Magazine
  • Manager of local editions of Faith & Fitness Magazine
  • Social media writer

Lindsey Brackett – Editor – Splickety’s Lightning Blog

Looking for:

  • Flash Fiction: Speculative (for Havok Magazine), Romance (for Spark Magazine), Multi-genre (for Splickety Magazine)

Michelle Cox – Editor – Just 18 Summers®

Just 18 Summers®

WHOA Magazine for Women

Jesse Florea – EditorFocus on the Family Clubhouse magazine

Katy KauffmanEditorRefresh Bible Study Magazine

Looking for:

  • Articles – Biblical, Christian living
  • Devotions
  • Poetry
  • Flash Fiction – Christian living, contemporary

Susan King – Associate Editor – The Upper Room magazine

Beth Patch – Internet Acquisitions Editor –

Looking for:

  • Feature Articles: Devotions, Entertainment (limited scope), New Christian Book reviews, New Christian Music reviews, Family , Finance , Health, Spiritual Life

Not looking for:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Political commentary
  • Photography
  • Movie reviews
  • Travel pieces

Cindy Sproles – Founder/Editor – Christian Devotions & Inspire a Fire

Christian Devotions (

  • Devotions 400 words
  • Strong hook, good story, strong application and takeaways

Inspire a Fire (

  • We are looking for 3-5 strong writers to become monthly contributors to this site. IAF is an encouragement site.

Ben Wolf – Founder – Splickety Publishing Group

Splickety magazine (multi-genre)

Spark! magazine (romance)

Havok magazine (speculative fiction)

Looking for:

  • Flash Fiction: Speculative (for Havok Magazine), Romance (for Spark Magazine), Multi-genre (for Splickety Magazine)

Cyle Young – Publisher – Burnett Young Books

Looking for:

  • Fiction: General Market – Romance, Speculative, Thriller/Mystery – Love series pitches
  • Nonfiction: General Market
  • Inspirational Imprint looking for excellent Christian fiction – Love series pitches