Birthing a Book

Cindy Sproles, @CindyDevoted   Any parent having experienced the birth of a child, either by giving birth or simply being a part of it, will say the process is hard. Labor can begin days before birth and the closer the event approaches, the more painful the process. Plain and simple, giving birth is hard work. […]

Your Book’s Silent Killers

By Vincent B. Davis II, @vbdavisii   Regardless of our book’s genre, they have many silent killers. There might not be a single murder in your narrative, but there are several factors that can kill your book sales if you overlook them. The three I’ve decided to highlight here are your book categories, your price, […]

Does Your Writing Resemble Flabby Arms?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills While contemplating my next writing project, I took a critical look at myself, and I didn’t like what the mirror revealed. I had flabby arms. Some of you call these bat wings or fly-zones. I refer to them as dangling participles, nothing I want on me or in my writing. Now, […]

Choose Your Publisher with Care

By Deb Haggerty, @DebHaggerty When an author begins to look at publishers to see where their book might fit, there are several things they should take into consideration. The same steps generally apply to agents as well. Does the publisher have a good reputation in the industry? With the proliferation of small, boutique publishers popping […]

What are Your Writing Questions?

By DiAnn Mills and Edie Melson @DiAnn Mills @Edie Melson A successful writer achieves bestselling status by constantly improving her writing skills. She sets aside time to study the craft with valuable information destined to not only keep her sales high but also to challenge her best to be even better. Edie and I want […]