Three Ways to Recover from a Writers Conference

Bethany Jett, @betjett

  1. Give yourself time to not think about writing.

Writers conferences are often overwhelming mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We have dreams, ambitions, and many times we ask God to confirm our direction or reveal Himself to us in new ways. We take copious notes during workshops and keynotes and barely get time to ourselves to process before we’re engaging with others at meals or preparing for a fifteen-minute one-on-one appointment with agents and editors.

Give yourself time to absorb all the information. Let it settle in the back of your mind and focus on other things for a couple of days. When you go over your notes again, you may be surprised at what strikes you in a new way.

  1. Journal.

Many writers need to express their thoughts as a way to process. Record your feelings. Were you nervous about attending? How did you feel when you arrived? Did the appointments go as you planned? Were you disappointed or impressed with what you learned? Most importantly, what were the God-whispers…the tugs on your heart that you know our Heavenly Father impressed upon you? Are you called to continue in your path or did new doors open?

As you’re spending time “not” thinking about writing, it can be helpful, if somewhat contradictory, to express your emotions while they’re still at the surface.

  1. Seek a small win.

One way to keep the encouragement and spark going after a writers conference to seek and secure a small win. Did you meet with a magazine editor? Submit a story. Did an agent or editor ask you to submit a proposal? Clean it up and email it. Who did you meet that you can network with? Are you ready to build your website or start a social media page? Do it!

Never take for granted the small tasks and achievements. You can move the needle quite a bit by stitching a few seams at a time. Create bite-sized to-do’s and knock them off your list. This will build momentum and a strong foundation for when you’re ready to conquer the mountain-sized goals.

How do you recover from a conference?


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