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4 thoughts on “Motivation When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

  1. When I don’t feel like writing, I sit and stare at my WIP or I call my 20-year old grandson. He seems to come up with some pretty unique ideas. The problem is, he’s not always available, so I grab some chocolate and sit on the deck and stare at the lake until guilt kicks me back to my desk and I stare at my WIP some more until my thoughts come alive. Once I’ve started writing I refuse to leave my chair until I’ve written at least 100 words.

  2. So we can apparently be best friends because I feel this way a lot. I don’t really know why except that maybe I like the feeling I get from having written than the one I get before I begin. Then again, procrastination is my middle name about everything, so this is probably just one more facet on that unenviable trait.

    I absolutely laughed out loud (and scared the dog) at you meeting your word count with 20 words. If you think of it, you actually met double your goal. Score!

  3. Lynette, there are two schools of thought among writers–either there is such a thing as writer’s block or there isn’t. I vacillate between the two poles, but I tend to come down on the side of the writer (can’t recall his name now) who said, “I only write when I’m inspired. And I see to it that I get inspired at 9 AM every day.” All the things you suggest are helpful, but the best suggestion is the last–“Just do it.”