Friday Faculty Five

Beth Patch & Katara Patton & Michelle Cox

We’re getting closer to conference! Only five weeks left! Welcome to this week’s edition of our Faculty Five, where we’re getting to know our faculty by learning five fun (or at least interesting) facts about them. Up this week is Beth Patch from CBN, Katara Patton of Esteem Publishing, and Michelle Cox of 18 Summers.

Beth Patch

  1. I was kicked out of dance class at age 6 because I kept getting my legs twisted up on the pirouette move.
  2. My nickname in high school was Wimpy because I ate lots of hamburgers like the character on Popeye.
  3. I sold copiers for a business in Maryland before you could purchase them in stores.
  4. My nickname in college was Peppy because I had a hairdo that resembled Pepé le Pew.
  5. My husband and I arrived all decked out for the Christmas Ball at Regent University only to discover we were one night early.

Katara Patton

  1. I love zumba…I feel like I’m dancing the night away in a gym at 9 a.m.
  2. I love competitive Scrabble…my family has been playing since I was a little girl; I felt really grown the day I was able to beat my dad.
  3. For that matter, I love most games…cards, Taboo, Guesstures, you name it.
  4. When I meet people, I can ask them a million questions…especially if they answer them. I’m just curious and nosy…but I really do answer the same questions if they are asked in return.
  5. My favorite foods show my Southern Louisiana roots…anything seafood, like gumbo and boiled crawfish. Yum!

Michelle Cox

  1. I’m allergic to chocolate. I always said I was allergic to it because it made me break out in fat—but then I learned I really was allergic to it. However, some things are worth dying for.
  2. I was in the political world for ten years. That’s where I learned about characters.
  3. I once got stuck in a parking place between two pieces of concrete. It’s a rare talent.
  4. I can be bribed with cupcakes and Kate Spade purses.
  5. I’m bilingual. I speak English and Southern. I know y’all are jealous. Bless your hearts.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Faculty Five

  1. Hi Beth Patch. Remember me from the CWC at the Ghost Ranch in 2012? I’m looking forward to seeing you again. I sold Compaq desk top computers in the late 70’s. They were HUGE.

    Hi Katara Patton. I’m an open book. Excuse the cliche. My husband beats me at Scrabble every time because he loves Crossword puzzles.

    Hi Michelle Cox, wish I was allergic to chocolate. I can be bribed with cupcakes, too. Can relate to your bilingual. Too funny.