Friday Faculty Five

Richard Mabry & Tom Morrisey & Bob Hostetler

BRMCWC Faculty Five

Welcome to our faculty five post, where you will find out five fun facts about the 2017 BRMCWC faculty. This week, we’ll hear from authors Richard Mabry, Tom Morrisey, and Bob Hostetler.

BRMCWC FacultyRichard Mabry

1. I met my agent at a Writer’s Conference.
2. While still practicing medicine, I had the chance to go to some unusual places, including Booger Hollow, Arkansas.
3. I’ve participated in a number of baseball fantasy camps, hence me in the Yankees uniform.
4. In the mornings, I need my coffee.
5. I’ve never missed a deadline…yet.

BRMCWC FacultyTom Morrisey

1. In high school and college, I was always envious of my friends who played guitar, but was baffled every time I tried to learn it. I retreated to the banjo (one less string) with similar results, so I am now trying to learn ukulele (it has four strings and I have four fingers).
2. I cut my own hair. That’s why it looks like that.
3. I have a natural affinity for tuning and maintaining Harley-Davidson motorcycles; either that or my friends have all noticed that the dealer service department charges money, and I do not.
4. When people discuss plotting versus pantsing, or longhand first drafts versus keyboard, or favorite person or POV, I panic a little, because that all changes every time I write a book. It’s like every time I want to go for a drive, I have to invent the automobile first.
5. When I was six, I was tutored at home because of an illness and finished first through fourth grades. The next year, my father enrolled me in second grade, explaining, “If we put you in fifth, the big kids will beat the snot out of you.” I sat to the side and read National Geographic magazine and the encyclopedia for the next three years.

BRMCWC FacultyBob Hostetler

1. I managed to get a speeding ticket on the Autobahn.
2. I am NOT obsessed with Krispy Kreme donuts. THEY are obsessed with ME.
3. I celebrate my fortieth wedding anniversary a little more than a week after BRMCWC ends. That’s right, I was married in the womb.
4. I have been hospitalized twice in my lifetime. Once for poison ivy. Once for having eaten too much fiber.
5. As a teenager, I wore no matched socks for more than two years.

Bonus: I play trombone, baritone, and tuba. None of them well.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Faculty Five

  1. I doubt there’s any truth to the rumor that at the conference Tom will give free haircuts to everyone who wants one, while Bob plays a trombone accompaniment in the background.