Faithful in the Little Things

By Martin Johnson @mtjohnson51

Wow, I can’t believe is been almost three months since the 2017 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian writers conference. It’s probably because I returned home overwhelmed by the week, both spiritually and creatively!

If your experience was like mine, God has so many surprises planned for us. I don’t mean the big things, like meeting famous authors, comedians and screenwriters—but, the ordinary, chance encounters with God moments. Meeting someone who shares your unique perspective or spiritual beliefs, receiving much needed encouragement from an unfamiliar keynote speaker or running into someone who is from where you live or knows your story.

I was reminded how God is often faithful in the little aspects of life just as He is in the big things. The irony is, often the little things are really the big things. Perhaps that’s why we are called to be faithful in the little things first (Luke 16:10-11!)

Little things!

Most of us pitched a book to literary agents during the conference, which is big. However, after the conference we had the simple task of waiting for responses and that is even bigger than the pitch.

I’m not referring to passively waiting, but actively waiting. We must harness that creative energy we returned home with into being productive. We must write! After all, that’s what real writers do, isn’t it?

I learned this simple lesson through four years of writing classes with seasoned professionals during my time studying in the Christian writers Guild. Dreamer’s dream—writers write: blogs, articles, copy or just tweets.

Any chance we have to be creative and express ourselves is a chance to grow as a writer:

  • finding our voices,
  • becoming better editors,
  • building our platforms and our confidence.

The tiniest act of obedience can move the biggest obstacles we face. Scripture is packed with stories about how the little things in life are really the big things. Here are a few of my favorite:

  1. Luke 17:5-10
  2. Luke 19:11-17
  3. Luke 21:1-4
  4. 1 Samuel 16:1-13

So, we must be faithful stewards of our gifts, however we can!


The last passage is particularly important, because it is an illustration of how God works and what matters most to Him. While King David’s brothers were seeking greatness, David was humbling himself and faithfully serving his father out in the fields.

David’s small act of obedience would catapult him to being one of the greatest kings of all time and through his lineage came the greatest king, our Lord Jesus. Who rebuked His disciples for seeking greatness.

He shared how in the kingdom of God, the least is the greatest and how blessed are the “least of these (Matthew 25:40.)” And if you remember, most of the keynote speakers shared their humbling stories of struggle and how they yearned for the chance to write anything.

Sometimes on post-its, restaurant napkins, doodles and even unpublished books. But, God showed them grace (James 4:6.) So write, writer, and be faithful in the little things!


Martin is a forty-two-year-old award-winning Christian screenwriter and former model who has recently finished his first Christian nonfiction book after three years of researching, editing and remembering.

Martin lives in Georgia and connects with readers at and on Twitter at He is also a contributing writer at Faith & Fitness Magazine and the Christian Film Database.

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