A Christmas Haiku

Christmas Writers

by Alycia W. Morales     @AlyciaMorales

The snow falls softly

Outside my writing window

On this Christmas morn.


The kids lay sleeping…

Or should that be lie? While I

Pour words on pages.



My fingers fly across keys.

Then I hear the sound.


Giftwrap tears open

As laughter explodes nearby

And I am finished.


It is Christmas morn.

I will write again later.

Family comes first.


As we remember

On this day a child was born.

A Savior for all.

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4 thoughts on “A Christmas Haiku

  1. Really beautiful for Christmas!

    Just a note by way of form. Haiku are about nature only so the first verse would fall under that. But in the same format, Senryu are about people. So, technically…

    Okay, I’ll quit being a poetry nerd now and just enjoy the beautiful words that you have penned. They do paint a lovely picture for Christmas!

    • Thanks Marci! I knew that about haiku and figured some of the verses weren’t technically following suit. 😉 Glad there are poetry nerds out there who are more familiar with the different types of poems than I am!