Announcing A Brand New Marketing Conference

Mountainside Marketing Conference: Equipping Authors to Scale the Peaks of Branding, Blogging, and Social Media

By Edie Melson and DiAnn Mills @EdieMelson @DiAnnMills

We know embarking on a writing journey is an exciting and slightly terrifying endeavor. The trail ahead offers promise, but it will be filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Learning the craft is critical—no shortcuts allowed—especially if writers want to succeed. Along with our goal for excellence, we must acknowledge that learning how to market is an integral part of our journey. It’s vital we scale the peaks of marketing to ensure our work is visible to our readers.

Announcing A Brand New Marketing Conference

We understand the difficulties of mastering social media. Many of us have tried and gotten lost—miserably. This conference has been created out of our experiences navigating the rigorous requirements of branding, blogging, and social media. The good news is we’ve learned how to avoid the detours and dangers, and we are here as your mountain guides.

Our goal is for no writer to be left stranded on a cliff with no where to turn. We can’t guarantee a smooth trip every step of the way, but we can show you how to avoid a lot of the obstacles.

At this 4-day conference, you’ll receive the hands-on experience necessary to make the climb. DiAnn and I will be available for individual appointments, panels, Q & A sessions, as well as classroom instruction. Attendees will be expected to pack in laptops and be prepared to work. You won’t be an onlooker but an active participant in learning how to apply the lessons you’re learning. Your success is up to you.

To make sure each attendee gets the personal attention they need, we’re limiting this conference to the first 50 who register.

The Mountainside Marketing Conference for the serious writer who desires to grow her platform effectively and efficiently.

Dates: January 12 – 15, 2018

Early Bird Rate – BEFORE August 31, 2017 $199

Click here to register for the Mountainside Marketing Conference

or call 828.669.8022

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5 thoughts on “Announcing A Brand New Marketing Conference

  1. I’m coming! You made a believer of me the last time I took your short workshop and I know a longer conference will give me much needed skills.

    Thanks, Edie and DiAnn!

    • Sally, I’m so glad you’ll be there! It was such a blessing to get to connect with you in Atlanta!!! Blessings, Edie