Should Writers Plan Holiday Social Media?

By DiAnn Mills, @DiAnnMills The holidays are fast approaching and writers are questioning if they should plan unique social media posts. The simple answer is Yes. This is a perfect time to connect with readers. They are excited about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Planning holiday social media is like frosting on a cake. […]

Find Writing Gems when You Mine the Hard Times in Life

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson We all want what we write to matter—to touch hearts, change lives, challenge the status quo.  To that end we search high and low for the words that connect us to our readers. But what if the gems we’re searching for aren’t hidden in distant places, but instead are buried deep […]

Earn More as a Freelance Writer by Practicing Sustainable Writing

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson Sustainable Writing is the key to earning a living as a freelance writer. Having a regular income as a freelance writer requires multiple streams of income. Managing those streams and keeping them afloat is where the sustainable part happens. Just like the environment, we have to be good stewards of our time […]

Symbolism – A Writer’s Hidden Treasure

Part 2

By DiAnn Mills, @DiAnnMills   Symbolism is a tangible items that means something psychologically to the character—and translates to the reader the same emotional response. James Scott Bell states, “From the start, we have a connection . . . .” The character(s) and the reader form an attachment to an object that no longer means […]

Find Interesting Subjects in the Midst of the Ordinary 

by Mary Denman     Twitter: @MaryDenman    Instagram: @MaryFDenman Sometimes we have false thinking that if we could just go somewhere gorgeous, we could get fantastic pictures and be a better photographer. But really, we can look for beautiful or interesting images all around us. So today, I want to show you a part of my […]

Keep Your Writing Options Open When You’re Just Starting Out

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson A lot of newer writers I meet find themselves overwhelmed with the myriad of opportunities in the field of writing. They struggle, trying to decide between writing articles, devotions, fiction, non-fiction, etc. Writing is a big field, and if you didn’t study some aspect of it in college, the choices can […]

Freedom Friday

Modern Slavery

By Vincent B. Davis II, @vbdavisii 21 Million people. 21 and six zeroes after it. No, I’m not talking about the population of Florida. I am talking about the number of estimated slaves in the world. But those numbers were from 2016. Recent studies have estimated the amount to be even higher. The Walk Free […]

Symbolism – A Writer’s Hidden Treasure

Part 1

By DiAnn Mills, @DiAnnMills   Writers often struggle with how to incorporate symbolism into their novels or if it’s even necessary. How does it fit into premise and theme? Does it heighten emotion? Does it encourage the reader to see beyond the obvious? Is it part of the story line? How does a writer choose […]