Get Organized for a Writing Conference

Put Together Your Own Conference Notebook

By Edie Melson, @EdieMelson   For those who’ve known me for any length of time are aware that organization isn’t my strong suit—at least not in the conventional meaning. My desk is covered in stacks of paper and the walls of my office are papered with rainbow hued sticky notes. It’s a system that works […]

Why Do You Think I Called You to Write?

A New Practicum at BRMCWC from Eva Marie Everson

by Eva Marie Everson @EvaMarieEverson In 1981, my husband and I were given two free tickets to see Chariots of Fire, the motion picture that depicted the stories of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams, two runners in the 1924 Olympics. Liddell had been made famous, not only by his athletic abilities, but by his decision […]

2018 Class Descriptions are Up!

Below you’ll find our current class listing and descriptions for the 2018 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. You can find the same information in the tab at the top of the website. Also in that table, you’ll find a link to a downloadable/printable version. Tim Beals The Publishing Process from A to Z – […]

Ten Lessons Learned Post-Conference


by Kass Fogle     @KassFogle I attended my first writer’s conference in May and loved every minute!  My mind was so full of ideas, prompts, apps, important do’s and don’ts and a To-Do list ten miles long. However, the adrenaline and excitement of Where do I begin!? waned to the wariness of Where.  Do.  I.  Begin? […]

Introducing the 2018 BRMCWC Faculty & Staff

We are super excited to unveil our 2018 BRMCWC Faculty and Staff. Don’t worry about bookmarking this specific post. You’ll find this information permanently un the 2018 Faculty tab in the header. Before the end of the month we’ll be posting the specific classes, and soon after that we’ll put up the 2018 schedule. Tim […]

The 2018 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Contests are Open!

Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Contests The Selahs BRMCWC Director’s Choice BRMCWC Foundation Contest We are happy to announce that our 2018 contests are now open The contests and the contest banquet are one of the highlights of BRMCWC. Every year gets better than previous years and we know this year will be no […]

The Mentor Effect: BRMCWC And Finding My Literary Agent

By Emily H. Jeffries, @emilyhjeffries   At age 28, I quit my job as an upper school theology teacher to write books. For a decade, I had studied theology and gained teaching experience. After graduate school, I had landed the perfect teaching job with a small private school in my hometown. Then suddenly my heart […]

Three Ways to Recover from a Writers Conference

Bethany Jett, @betjett Give yourself time to not think about writing. Writers conferences are often overwhelming mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We have dreams, ambitions, and many times we ask God to confirm our direction or reveal Himself to us in new ways. We take copious notes during workshops and keynotes and barely get time to […]

Faithful in the Little Things

By Martin Johnson @mtjohnson51 Wow, I can’t believe is been almost three months since the 2017 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian writers conference. It’s probably because I returned home overwhelmed by the week, both spiritually and creatively! If your experience was like mine, God has so many surprises planned for us. I don’t mean the big […]