Three Ways to Recover from a Writers Conference

Bethany Jett, @betjett Give yourself time to not think about writing. Writers conferences are often overwhelming mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We have dreams, ambitions, and many times we ask God to confirm our direction or reveal Himself to us in new ways. We take copious notes during workshops and keynotes and barely get time to […]

We’re Accepting Faculty Proposals for the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference 2018

The 2017 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference is over, and that means we’re hard at work planning the 2018 event. As word of this conference has spread, we’re getting more and more inquiries about being a part of the faculty. We have a limited number of faculty spots available and we get a lot […]

Introducing Our Newest Team Member!

By Vincent Davis @VincentDavis Many of you met our intern Vincent Brent Davis at the 2017 Conference, but now he’s going to tell you more about himself. Hi there! Some of you may remember me as Brent from the conference last month, but I would like to formally introduce myself as the luckiest man alive. […]

Publishing Etiquette Tips

Avoid the Pitfalls when Interacting with Industry Professionals

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson The publishing industry is like any other—fraught with unwritten rules and etiquette norms.  Add to that the wild wild west of social media and the new writer can commit faux pas that spell career disaster. I’m grouping them together in pairs to give you an idea what works and what doesn’t. […]

Be Strong and Courageous

Countdown Week #1

by Bethany Jett, @BetJett The conference starts in five days, which in the Jett household, we call “four sleeps and a wake-up.” My desk is overflowing with papers and my office carpet looks like Office Depot threw up on it. The laundry is in piles as I decide what needs to be washed now and […]

Recap of Conference Information & Etiquette You Need

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson Today’s post has a lot of information that’s been covered in various placed. I thought it would be helpful to put it all in one place. I’ve gone through the questions I’ve seen in email, on Facebook and online and am trying to hit the high points of what most people […]

Healthy Expectations for a Successful Writing Conference

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson Attending a writing conference is a big deal. Writers often budget all year to be able to go, especially if it’s a larger (more expensive) event. But along with the financial planning, I remember the first few conferences I attended. My emotions ran the gamut—from fear and dread of meeting new […]

Bringing Security Blankets to the Conference

Countdown Week #2

by Sally Matheny, @Sally_Matheny Do you resist going to writing conferences without a Linus-Blanket? I am not referring to your fuzzy, bed-raggled quilt from home. I’m talking about bringing a friend along for moral support.  It’s great when writer buddies travel together, but there comes a time at every conference, (brace yourself) when good friends […]

We Have an App for The Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference – and IT’S LIVE!

We have an App for That and IT’S LIVE! As I promised, I’m going give you a tour. And yes, we have an app for that! Today I’m going to give you a tour of the Blue Ridge Conference app to whet your appetite. NOTE: Although the app is live, it’s currently being updated from […]