Guidelines for Attendee Books for Sale in the Bookstore

The 2017 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference is coming up fast. And we’re continuing our practice of allowing attendees to offer books for sale in our conference bookstore. This includes traditionally published books and self-published books. The fee for consignment books is 20% of the purchase price on each book sold.

To qualify to have books available, you must be registered for the ENTIRE conference.

There are guidelines that must be followed, so be sure to read the following information carefully.  

There is also a firm cut-off date of April 3, so be sure to watch the calendar.

This year, our bookstore will be again be housed in the same area as the fifteen-minute appointments (Downstairs in Johnson Springs). This will make the books more accessible to attendees. In this location, the books more accessible to attendees. It will also give those waiting for appointments something to do (browse the books) while waiting.

For LifeWay Asheville to carry the books requested, we must provide them with specific information. They will be accepting books for consignment, as well as ordering books that are already available in the LifeWay system, directly from your publishers.

NOTE: If the book you request is available from the publisher – and in the LifeWay System—it must be ordered through the store. (If your book is available at your local LifeWay store, then it should be available for them to order. In addition, be aware that most smaller publishers aren’t in the LifeWay system.) You MAY NOT consign personal copies of books available for LifeWay to order until the books ordered are sold out.

To have your book(s) included please email me with the complete information below at

Edie (at) BlueRidgeConference (dot) com.

NOTE: This is the ONLY email address I will check to compile a list of books to be carried at the conference.

Information Required:

Books Ordered Directly from the Publisher

For each book requested, we need:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • ISBN number

Consignment books (those you’ll be bringing with you)

  • Let us know you’ll be bringing books and how many titles and the approx. number(s) for each title
  • Let us know if you will NOT be on campus Monday morning.

Books for consignment may be dropped off and picked during your assigned time. We will post the schedule for consignment drop off after the main meeting on Sunday evening.

Books not claimed will not be the responsibility of the conference leadership team, LifeWay bookstore or Ridgecrest conference staff.

There is a firm deadline for including books in the bookstore. We must have your information by April 3 (books to be ordered and consignment information) to ensure the books will be available during the conference.

Thank you for helping make the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference such a valuable event!

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