Agents & Editors




Ann Byle – Agent – Credo Communications

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Suspense, Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Historical
  • Nonfiction: Women’s Issues, Christian Living, Memoir, Current Events
  • Children’s: Middle Grade, Picture Books, Board Books, Theology for Children

Not looking for: Poetry, Sci/Fi, Fantasy, Academic Titles

Jonathan Clements – Agent – Wheelhouse Literary Group

Steve Laube – Founder and Agent – The Steve Laube Agency

Looking for:

  • Fiction: All genres
  • Donuts
  • Nonfiction: Most genres, Limited Memoir/Personal Story

Not looking for: Cookbooks, End Times Literature, Children’s Picture Books

Jessica Kirkland – Owner/Agent – Kirkland Media Management, LLC

Tamela Hancock Murray – Agent – The Steve Laube Agency

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Women’s Fiction, Amish Fiction, Fiction for the CBA Market
  • Nonfiction: Women’s Interest, Self-help, General

Not looking for: Speculative, Fantasy, Sci/Fi, Children’s, Children’s Picture Book, Poetry

David Van Diest – Primary Agent – The Van Diest Literary Agency

Looking for:

  • Nonfiction: Self-help, Spiritual Formation, Devotional, Bible Studies, Memoirs

Cyle Young – Agent – Hartline Literary Agency

Looking for:

  • Fiction: All Genres – Christian and General Markets (especially Romance)
  • Nonfiction: All Genres – Christian and General Markets (especially Business/Leadership, Devotional/Pastoral Resources)
  • Children’s: All – Christian and General Markets


Publishing House Editors:

Jessica Barnes – Fiction Editor – Bethany House Publishers, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Contemporary, Contemporary Women’s, Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Mystery/Suspense, Contemporary Romance, “Book Club” Fiction, Historical, Historical Romance

Not looking for:

  • Young Adult, End Times, Sci/Fi, Fantasy, Children’s, Middle Grade, Nonfiction, Poetry

Jevon Bolden – Senior Editor – Tangerine Press (Scholastic Book Fairs)

Looking for:

  • Children’s Fiction: Ages 3 and up, Picture Books
  • Children’s Nonfiction: Ages 7-12: Science, Interesting Animals, Spy and Detective Interests, History, Technology, Space, Geology, Paleontology, Electronics, Maker Movement

Advising and Referring (Not Acquiring):

  • Adult Nonfiction: Spiritual Growth, Personal Growth, Self-help, Motivation, Prayer, Spirit-filled (Supernatural), Prophetic, Natural Health, Alternative Health, Diet and Fitness

Pamela Clements – Vice President and Associate Publisher – Worthy Inspired – an imprint of Worthy Publishing

Looking for:

  • Nonfiction: Prayer, Personal Growth, Lifestyle, Spiritual Growth, Humor, Felt-need/Issue-driven

Not looking for:

  • Marriage, Parenting
  • Fiction

Cheri Cowell – Owner and Publisher – EABooks Publishing

Looking for:

  • EA Books publishes everything except Children’s Board Books

Vicki Crumpton – Executive EditorRevell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Historical, Historical Romance, Biblical
  • Nonfiction: Christian Living, Prayer, Self-help, Parenting, Marriage, Humor

Mary Beth Dahl – Acquisitions Editor – Taberah Press (Fiction) and Sonfire (Nonfiction)

Looking for:

  • Taberah Press: Fiction: Speculative, Sci/Fi & Fantasy, Suspense
  • SonFire Media: Nonfiction: Christian Living, Writing and Marketing Books for Christian Authors, Books for the Common Man written by Pastors, Books by Speakers

Deb Haggerty – Owner and Publisher – Elk Lake Publishing

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Contemporary Romance, Mystery/Suspense, Historical, Children’s, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Speculative
  • Nonfiction: Christian Living, Spiritual Growth, Family Relationships (all must have an unusual twist)

Not looking for:

  • Poetry, Devotionals, Bible Studies

Tessa Emily Hall – Editor – Illuminate – an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Looking for:

  • As a Hartline Jr. Agent under Cyle Young: All Fiction and Nonfiction for General and Christian Markets: She specializes in Young Adult, New Adult, and Middle Grade Fiction
  • As acquiring editor for Illuminate (LPC): Young Adult and New Adult Fiction in all genres except fantasy/speculative/supernatural.
  • Pursue Magazine: Blog posts for the website, magazine articles, filler articles, and devotionals. Please see for writing guidelines.

Eddie Jones – Founder and CEOLighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Romance, Historical, Historical Romance, Cozy Mystery, Suspense, Young Adult, Women’s Fiction (any manuscript that will make me rich and richly change the lives of others)
  • Nonfiction: Christian Living, Devotionals

Terri Kalfas – EditorGrace Publishing

Looking for:

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction: Inspirational, Compilations, Bible Studies

Not looking for:

  • Children’s
  • Scholarly
  • Reference Material
  • Journals
  • Biography
  • Poetry

Yvonne Lehman – Editor – Candlelight Romance and Guiding Light Women’s Fiction – Imprints of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas & Moments, Yvonne’s nonfiction series

Looking for:

  • Compelling stories beautifully written (See guidelines for imprints below); written by writers exhibiting creativity and a working knowledge of craft; realistic stories designed to entertain, encourage, inspire, and enlighten; entertain readers with strong action, emotional, and faith plots, will likely dominate; themes and subjects are deep and serious, humor and suspense are welcomed
  • Candlelight Romance Fiction: Features the journey of man and woman falling in love while dealing with inner and outer conflicts; the journey shows (not tells) characters growing closer while overcoming obstacles; story culminates in their making a lifetime commitment to each other
  • Guiding Light Women’s Fiction: NOT the journey of romance but may contain a love story; stories of interest to, about, and for women; contemporary, generational, or historical; subjects to which women can relate such as fears, hopes, and dreams; endings are realistic and satisfactory

Paula Mowery – Acquisitions Editor – Prism Book Group – Imprint of Pelican Book Group

Looking for:

  • Fiction: Genres including Romance, Young Adult (Wholesome and Clean)

Katara Patton – Founder – Esteem Publishing

George & Karen Porter – Founders/Owners – Bold Vision Books

Looking for:

  • Nonfiction: Christian Living, Devotionals, Narrative
  • Fiction: Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance
  • YA Nonfiction: Relevant teen topics
  • YA Fiction: Chapter books for pre-teen and teen readers
  • How To Craft Books: Dancing (specifically dance teams in a church), Painting and other art forms, Drama, Film Making or Film Writing

Not looking for:

  • Fantasy

Erin Smith – Editor – Tyndale House Publishers

Cindy Sproles – Editor – Straight Street Books & SonRise Devotionals, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Straight Street Books:

Looking for:

  • Solid Nonfiction in Christian Living
  • Manuscripts that teach on subjects relevant to today’s world

Not looking for:

  • Memoirs

SonRise Devotionals

Looking for:

  • Devotions that move away from niche books but that offer an application to everyone who reads them
  • Get back to the depth of Scripture with great applications and strong takeaways
  • Prefer 60-90 day devotionals

Christian Devotions (

  • Devotions 400 words
  • Strong hook, good story, strong application and takeaways

Inspire a Fire (

  • We are looking for 3-5 strong writers to become monthly contributors to this site. IAF is an encouragement site.

Magazine & Web Content Editors:

Brad Bloom – President/Editor – Lifestyle Media Group

Faith & Fitness magazine

Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle magazine

map Travel Lifestyle magazine

Looking for:

  • 400-600 word articles in the faith and fitness genre
  • Department Editors for my Faith & Fitness Magazine DEPARTMENTS
  • Executive Editor for Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine
  • Executive Editor for map Travel Lifestyle Magazine
  • Executive Editor for Faith & Fitness Magazine
  • Manager of local editions of Faith & Fitness Magazine
  • Social media writer

Lindsey Brackett – Editor – Splickety’s Lightning Blog

Looking for:

  • Flash Fiction: Speculative (for Havok Magazine), Romance (for Spark Magazine), Multi-genre (for Splickety Magazine)

Michelle Cox – Editor – Just 18 Summers®

Just 18 Summers®

WHOA Magazine for Women

Jesse Florea – EditorFocus on the Family Clubhouse magazine

Katy KauffmanEditorRefresh Bible Study Magazine

Looking for:

  • Articles – Biblical, Christian living
  • Devotions
  • Poetry
  • Flash Fiction – Christian living, contemporary

Susan King – Associate Editor – The Upper Room magazine

Beth Patch – Internet Acquisitions Editor –

Looking for:

  • Feature Articles: Devotions, Entertainment (limited scope), New Christian Book reviews, New Christian Music reviews, Family , Finance , Health, Spiritual Life

Not looking for:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Political commentary
  • Photography
  • Movie reviews
  • Travel pieces

Cindy Sproles – Founder/Editor – Christian Devotions & Inspire a Fire

Ben Wolf – Founder – Splickety Publishing Group

Splickety magazine (multi-genre)

Spark! magazine (romance)

Havok magazine (speculative fiction)

Looking for:

  • Flash Fiction: Speculative (for Havok Magazine), Romance (for Spark Magazine), Multi-genre (for Splickety Magazine)

Cyle Young – Publisher – Burnett Young Books

Looking for:

  • Fiction: General Market – Romance, Speculative, Thriller/Mystery – Love series pitches
  • Nonfiction: General Market
  • Inspirational Imprint looking for excellent Christian fiction – Love series pitches