Three Tips for Making a Swoonworthy Character

By Holly West, by @Holliambria @SwoonReads The word “swoon” is usually associated with romance, but at Swoon Reads we prefer the second, broader definition which, according to Merriam Webster, is “to become enraptured.” After all, as readers and editors, what we are really looking for is a book, from any genre, that sweeps us off our […]

7 Mistakes That Make Every Writer Look Dumb

By DiAnn Mills, @DiAnnMills Every writer wants to be viewed as professional, intelligent, and bestselling. Nothing wrong with those goals, and they are worthy and attainable. But when a writer consistently makes dumb mistakes, her credibility takes a nose dive as well as her career. Examine at the following mistakes. Are there changes on your […]

Flashbacks and Time-hops: What to do and not do

By Vincent B. Davis II, @vbdavisii Flashbacks. They have been one of the most loved storytelling tools in every writer’s arsenal for centuries. As consumers, we see various media forms like televisions and movies utilize flashbacks as a legitimate form of storytelling. We see the value in its use, and want to bring it to […]

Get More Comments on Your Blog with These 11 Tips

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson Even today—with as many blogs on the Internet as there are—blogging is still a valuable part of building and maintaining an online community. But it’s rare for a blog to take hold and grow—if it’s not a place where comments proliferate. Almost no one likes to be lectured, and that’s what […]

Article Ideas: Get More Mileage Out of Your Writing Research

by Linda Gilden @LindaGilden Has it ever occurred to you to use your article research to write different types of articles once your original article is published? For most researched articles, there is always a file of information you have to cut in order to stay within your word count. Save it and turn it […]

Master Plotting: Part IV

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills You’ve most likely heard every plot idea has already been written. Multiple times. From the ancient storytellers who gathered around the campfire, to Greek and Roman mythology, to the richness of the Celts, to the many ways story is offered today. Plotting is unique to each writer’s personality and method of […]

Master Plotting

Part III

By DiAnn Mills @diannmills Plotting is unique to each writer’s personality and method of structuring a novel. Some writers are married to their outlines. Some are seat-of-the-pants writers, and some are a mix of both. Organic writing allows the character to lead the way in the story with a heavy emphasis on wants, needs, desires, […]

Mastering Plot: Part II

By DiAnn Mills @DiannMills   Welcome to the second blog of Mastering Plot. On June 29th, we talked about: The writer’s goals in establishing a dynamic story. Developing unique characters. Showing how characters lead the way in plot The value of forming a story idea In today’s post, we’ll talk about how the opening hook […]

Mastering Plot: Part 1

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills Plot is defined as the series of events in your story. It’s also called the storyline. While that may sound simple, mastering plot takes time, imagination, and knowing our characters inside and out. A storyline is filled with action and chronologically propels the story forward. Today’s blog is Part I of […]

Characteristics that Determine a Heroine

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills How do you determine the heroine in your novels? Discovering who my female character is and what matters to her takes time and patience. She’s not a victim, although she might have been in the past. Because of that critical experience, she’s changed and grown into a survivor who’s strong and […]